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George Post will help you win entry into juried shows using ZAPP® images.
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As the world of fine arts and handcrafts evolves into the 21st Century, more and more emphasis has been placed on digital photography for ZAPPlication, Juried Art Services, and other digital jury requirements. Since 1979 George Post Photography has specialized in professional-quality photographs for juried craft fair and art shows. We specialize in ZAPP® and ZAPPlication images. Our work has been published in many craft books, as well as national magazines including American Craft, Ornament, Niche, Metalsmith, Crafts Report, Lapidary Journal, Ceramics Monthly, Architectural Digest, and American Woodworker.

Until recently, 35mm color slides have been the "coin of the realm" in the craft world. With the advent of digital jurying through organizations such as ZAPP® and Juried Art Services (JAS), the game has changed. In order to remain competitive in the craft fair circuit, artists and craftspeople now need high-quality digital images, exactly formatted for the very specific requirements of ZAPP® and JAS's DigitalJurying system.

George Post Photography wants to be your bridge to this new world, bringing the expertise gained during a quarter century of film photography to the finest digital imaging for jurying, as well as ongoing print and web uses. George Post will help you win entry into juried shows using ZAPP® images. If you have existing color slides, we can digitize them with our high-resolution Nikon CoolScan 5000 and format the images for ZAPP®at a very reasonable cost.


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